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Scene setting - the servants quarters

Here's a little more scene setting - if you were the referee who had to run the scenario, and the adventurers happened to end up visiting the servants quarters of this particular residence, would you feel that this was enough description? I really don't want to give a massive list of interesting kitchen utensils since it isn't actually a major location in the story, and the focus is mostly on the characters and their personalities which I'm describing elsewhere.

Continuing along around the curve of the central shaft, the third tunnel leads into the servant’s quarters. There’s a kitchen, used mostly to brew herbal teas and other hot drinks, for the skinning of carcasses, and for the servants to dine on left-overs; a pantry, used for foods of all sorts and smelling strongly of exotic spices; and sleeping caves for the male and female servants. There’s enough room for the regular staff and the servants of three or four visitors. Although the pretence of a natural cave has been maintained in these areas, they are predominantly utilitarian without any of the artistic touches of the rest of the Caverns. There are some framed embroidered samplers with religious messages such as
Trample on the weakest,
Glory in their plight.
Veld 36 – VIII
and a large and extremely nasty Yarge painting of “Sunset over Irieth” which nobody wanted to exhibit elsewhere in the caverns, but nothing that any right-thinking dragon would voluntarily put on display without inviting ridicule.

Enough, or is more detail needed?
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