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Van Helsing

Just back from the cinema, thanks to rozk's recent recommendation.

This film has just taken the place of Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter as my all-time favorite silly vampire movie (if you were wondering 3rd place now goes to Innocent Blood, 4th to the original Buffy movie, and 5th to Dance of the Vampires). It's hilarious, totally over the top, and wonderful in every mind-bogglingly silly detail. It's the film that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen should have been but wasn't.

I am VERY glad that I didn't see this while I was still writing the Victorian vampire hunters part of the next Forgotten Futures release, since the premise of that is that Dracula was defeated by Van Helsing but brought vampirism to Western Europe. Fortunately I finished the first draft and most of the fine tuning for that part a year ago, and nothing in it is so close to the film that I think I need to change it.

One question; am I right in thinking that Dracula was played by the guy that played the unkillable assassin in Lexx?

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