Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Tooth and Claw RPG revisions - update

This will mostly make sense to beta readers who saw the worldbook and rules section.

I'm making some changes which will basically make it easier to split into three books - a sourcebook, game rules, and adventures. I will need to make this split with the HTML version, it's going to be big enough to slow some browsers to a crawl as a single file; the PDF version won't be a problem that way but people may want to print it out, and having the ability to easily split it this way will be useful - make two or three copies of the rules for players and referee, since that's the bit people will use most, a worldbook or two for referee and players, and one copy of the adventures for the referee. I realised when I thought of this that some bits of the rules section worked better if moved to the worldbook, and I've now done so. There are also some other changes.

The changes are:
  • There's an extra page at the end of the "international affairs" chapter which expands a little on the canal scheme mentioned there and the reasons for it, when I've finished it will incorporate another adventure outline. This isn't something you've seen before, but it happened to fit well there.
  • The section on money, currency and prices has been revised slightly and moved from the rules to the end of the section describing Tiamath's economy.
  • The material on Yarge society and fashions etc, their personalities and the sidebar on Dragon Slayers has been moved to the end of the sourcebook section on Yarge.
  • Recommended reading and the four pages of cutout dragons and Yarge have also been moved to the end of the sourcebook.
  • The rules are more or less unchanged but I've cut the "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" part (pgs 74-5) completely - it's mostly irrelevant to this setting and there will be stats for some of the things mentioned in the adventures.
  • Magic has been moved to before the section on role playing
  • The section on NPCs has been heavily cut, with the part about the Yarge moved to the worldbook. I'm still revising this, but it will probably end up at a page and a half or so.
That's about it for now - I'll be posting a revised PDF for beta readers in the next few days, once I've finished polishing the changes.
Tags: forgotten futures, jo walton, rpg, tooth and claw

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