Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Right Justification, no new basic accounts.

The latest on the right justification problem I mentioned is that they're working on a fix but meanwhile there are fixes people can apply individually on their custom account pages. They're on the "known issues" section if you look at the help page.

One of the things that changed with the software rollout, without much publicity, is that it is no longer possible to get a new ad-free basic account - all of the free accounts on offer now have ads - the sign-up page apparently won't let you do it any more.

About all that I want to say about this is that they are within their rights to do this, but the lack of publicity grates - presumably they did this to stop people grabbing basic accounts in the last few days they were available. My position on this is simple - I wouldn't have started using livejournal if I couldn't have got an ad-free account, so they would have never got my money for paid or permanent accounts. I hope that this won't change the character of livejournal too badly, but I think it's a bad move. Amongst other problems, I think that the volunteer culture that has served livejournal so well will suffer.

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