Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

AV problem sorted

On my way home from work I suddenly remembered Henry's in Edgware Road, who usually have fairly cheap good-quality cables and sold me most of my speaker cable etc. at about a third the extortionate price demanded by Richer Sounds. I didn't think that they were really into the optical side of things, but I asked and they sell them - I got a 3-metre optical cable for six quid. Tried it with the DVD recorder and it works perfectly - better yet, it turns out that the optical input is on a different input number to the coaxial one, so I will be able to record one thing while watching another. Better still, the optical input overrides the analogue input on that channel (usually my digital TV receiver) so I no longer have to mess around with changing channels if I record from the digibox - it's all autoswitching now, switches over to digital sound as soon as I switch on the recorder.

For some reason this was not clear in the documentation for the amp. So it goes...

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