Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

2010 Eastercon

Looks like the 2010 Eastercon (Odyssey 2010) will be at the Radisson Edwardian again - this is I suppose good in that it makes it a nice cheap con for me since it's on the outskirts of London (and room rattes etc. will be the same as this year), bad in that I usually try to see the city etc. when I go for the Eastercon, and there's not a lot of point when it's local. Dates are (1 think) 2nd to 5th april 2010, guests Alistair Reynolds, Liz Williams and Mike Carey, fan guests Fran and John Dowd.

And a flyer I need to follow up when I get home is Constitution, the 2009 summer games & SF convention at New Hall Cambridge, 31st July - 2nd August; I've never been to a bad games con there and it's a wonderful site for it. - unfortunately they don't take memberships online.

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