Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Drabble: BtVS / Torchwood - Nuisance Call

This is the latest in my "Support Group" series - earlier ones are here. About all that you need to know is that Dawn is involved in a support group for mystical pregnancies...

100-word BtVS crossover drabble. All characters belong to grasping moneygrubbing corporations, not me, and no rights are claimed.

Spoilers for Torchwood S2, set before the season finale.
Nuisance Call
by Marcus L. Rowland

"Have I got this right?" asked Dawn. "You were impregnated by aliens but your husband used an alien ray machine to destroy the embryo before it could eat you?"

"That's right," said Gwen.

"So there isn't actually a baby as such? Do you need any medical help? Counselling?"

"No, I'm fine really, I just thought you might like to know about it."

"Thanks," Dawn said insincerely. "I'm sorry, there's someone on the other line..." Dawn hung off, muttering "Stupid hoax calls!"

"Okay," said Jack Harkness, spinning the bottle. "Your turn, Tosh. I dare you... Tell Penthouse about your alien lover..."

Tags: btvs, fanfic, torchwood

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