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Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

Yesterday - was woken by a woodpecker drilling holes in the neighbour's trees at about 6 AM.

Looked out of the window, saw a fox lying on the roof of another neighbour's shed, having an early morning sunbathe. Not sure if it's the same one I've seen before, looked a little younger so I suspect it's one of the cubs they reared at the back of our garden a year or two ago.

Went to work, spent an enthralling morning preparing for next week's practical exams, at lunch time went out and noticed a magpie attacking a pigeon. Seemed to be pecking it quite viciously, the pigeon looked VERY scared and confused. Clapped my hands a couple of times and the magpie hopped off, but I suspect it came back once I'd gone.

Today - bloody woodpecker woke me at about 5.30 AM

Who says that there's no wildlife in London?

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