Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Memory mystey

Now that my power supply is replaced (thanks, Speaker!) I've been trying to sort out the other problems with my main PC, which seem to be related to having "only" 512 MB ram (2 x 256). Usually that isn't a problem, but occasionally it runs a little slow and with the bumper fun book of dragons (AKA the Tooth and Claw RPG) loaded into Word I've been getting memory configuration warning messages on a regular basis.

In the past all references I've tried (e.g. Kingston's memory configurator) have said that the motherboard is maxed out. Last night I tried Crucial's program, and lo and behold it says that I can put two 1GB, 184-pin DIMMs. Since it correctly identified the computer (exact model etc.) I think I can assume that it probably knows what it's talking about. On the strength of this, and since Crucial guarantee it to work, I've ordered one and will get another if it's OK.

I'm pretty sure I've tried Crucial's program before, and got the maxed out result, so what baffles me is why I was previously told nothing more could be added. Has there been some change in DIMM compatibility?

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