Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Chilli Beef Something

I like Wagamama's Chilli Beef Ramen. Unfortunately they now charge ten quid for a bowl, which is a little more than I usually want to spend, so I've made intermittent attempts to duplicate the stuff for myself. I'm not a master chef, and for me the hardest thing seems to be to get the liquid part right, so I've been trying canned soups. Tonight's attempt still isn't quite right, but I think I'm getting closer. Note that there were no noodles in this batch - I forgot to buy them...

1 red onion
1 bag stir fry mix (bean shoots, carrot, onion, etc.)
One stewing / grilling steak
Olive oil
1 can carrot & coriander soup
2 chilli peppers
Chilli powder
Garlic powder
Sweet pepper sauce
1 lime (washed)

Stir fry the onion and stir fry mix, adding chopped chilli peppers, a pinch of chilli powder, and a little garlic powder. Cut the steak into strips, trimming off the fat, and add to the stir fry once it's starting to brown.

Get the steak browned then pour in the can of soup and simmer, adding a little pepper sauce and the juice from about a third of the lime.

Once things have simmered vigorously for a couple of minutes pour into a big bowl, chuck in the remainder of the lime as slices, and prepare to sear taste buds.

This still isn't quite right - it's rather thicker than Wagamama's version, and as I said I forgot the noodles - but it has the right sort of taste and it's very filling. I think that next time I'll try diluting the soup with a little water, see if that helps.

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