Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More Clancy - another Forgotten Futures update - and holidays

Another bit I forgot from The Bear and the Dragon
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In other news, I forgot to say that having tried more solutions to the HTML conversion thing, and not liked any of them much, I decided to start doing it the old way, in a text editor. I've now got about a third done, so it looks like I was worrying about nothing. It turns out that being a bit rusty on HTML isn't a huge handicap, because I've been using the editor's built in HTML coding features more than I used to, and they are making things a lot easier. Also, the most complicated tables are, of course, just variants on similar tables in the main Forgotten Futures rules, which are already HTML, and it's easy to paste in the old version and make the changes, rather than doing it all from scratch.

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When I hear back from Jo I will probably have to make a few corrections, but that just means I'll have to correct two documents, not one, and I can live with that.

Another hour or so and the kids will go off to church, and I can go round the labs and shut everything down for the summer and save a small fortune on electricity. I was expecting to have to work tomorrow, but fortunately the building will have no power due to rewiring, and everyone has been told to stay home. So after this afternoon I won't have to be in work until the 18th of August. I can relate to that...

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