Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's progress

1: Built the table of contents for the HTML version of the Tooth and Claw RPG

2: Found that by the time I'd done that a lot more images weren't showing their copyright information in Safari, which confirms that the problem is file size.

3: Split the single file version into a separate four-file version, which is divided along the usual lines:

Table of contents, copyright stuff, art index etc.



Adventures and some other GM stuff

One of the things I realised while doing this is that the multi-file version will be MUCH faster over the internet; I'm viewing it on my iBook via a network storage box and WiFi 11g connection, and the bits are loading in a fraction of the time it took for the whole thing. I've maintained the full table of contents etc. and all links in all of the files, so I don't think there's any downside, apart from needing another 800k or so on my web site for the second lot of HTML files.

I think I still want to keep the single-file version, it'll be more convenient for people using the game off a hard disk.

Now, it suddenly occurs to me that I haven't tested Internet Explorer compatibility - this might be interesting...

[a few minutes later] OK, looks like it works (apart from IE7 bleeping every time I click on an image to make it bigger - I'd forgotten that little trick since I never use IE7 if I can possibly help it).

So it's OK with Opera and Firefox on PC and Mac, Safari on the Mac apart from the big file problem, IE7 on the PC.

Three guesses which browser REALLY hates it. And if your answer isn't the 2003 Mac version of Internet Explorer...

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