Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Knew I'd forgotten something...

Forgot to mention that I went back to the computer market yesterday to get the glossy paper I wanted, and fortunately they still have masses in stock so I've bought a few packs.

On the way back I thought I'd take a look in the new W.H. Smith that's opened nearby and spotted that they had a big display with a special offer that looked like two reams of 80 GSM A4 printer paper (forget the brand) for £1.99 each. Since I need the ordinary stuff as well as the glossy this looked to be a reasonably good deal by current UK paper prices. However, when you looked at it carefully it turned out to be a "buy one, get one half price" deal, with the price in big letters the half price, not the full price, which was £3.99. So a total of six pounds for two reams of fairly ordinary looking paper.

The other offer they had, which they carefully weren't pointing out, was a buy one, get one free offer on HP 80 GSM paper, which came out at £4.50 for two reams. Three guesses which one I ended up buying...

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