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Tooth and Claw RPG disk contents

This is the current contents list for the distribution CD for the Tooth and Claw RPG; it's about 319 MB all in, though a lot of that is the movie of The Lost World and three versions of A Voyage to the Moon. Does this sound OK? What else would people like to see up to say 350-400 MB?

Read Me!
The Tooth And Claw Role Playing Game
PDF Version (Letter format)
Extra Covers and contents pages for PDF version
HTML Version (single HTML file + graphics)
HTML Version (multiple HTML files + graphics)
HTML Version (all files and illustrations, zipped file)
Those Who Favor Fire
PDF version
HTML version
Character Record Sheets
US Letter format  PDF   DOC   RTF
Euro A4 formatPDF   DOC   RTF
Cutout Paddle Steamer (PDF)
Sound clip, repetitive drum beat (MIDI)

Bonus Material

The main Forgotten Futures Rules
Guaranteed (almost) dragon-free...
PDF Version
Single-File HTML
Multi-File HTML

Samplers for some other games by Marcus L. Rowland (all PDF)
Diana: Warrior Princess
Elvis: The Legendary Tours
The Original Flatland Role Playing Game
D'Ordel's Pantechnicon (1904)
An entertaining study of Victorian magazines
The Log of the Flying Fish (1887)
A classic(?) novel of exploration and adventure
The Year 2000 (1910)
A collection of French picture cards depicting the year 2000
Snake Charming (1898)
A brief glimpse of the world of professional snake charmers at the end of the 19th century.
A Séance With The Lights Up (1902)
Conjuring at Home (1904)
Two articles exposing the techniques of professional magicians and mediums
Self-Protection on a Cycle (1901)
A definitive(?) and possibly tongue-in-cheek guide to using your bicycle as a weapon
A Topsy-Turvy Railway (1904)
An account of one of the earliest monorails, which is still operational today.
Prehistoric Correspondence
A young lady of the Stone Age keeps her friends posted on her activities. Silly, with illustrations which will be eerily familiar to fans of the Flintstones etc.
A Pre-Historic Pic-Nic (1902)
A Pre-Historic Country House (1903)
Pre-Historic Tittle-Tattle (1903)
Pre-Historic Tittle-Tattle (1903)
Second article with same title
Prehistoric Prattle (1904)

The Lost World (1925)
The first film of this story, starring Wallace Beery with stop motion special effects by Willis O'Brien [MP4]
A Voyage To The Moon / Le Voyage dans la Lune [1902]
Versions of Melies' classic early SF film with different sountracks:
With French commentary [WMV]
With English translation of commentary [MP4]
With modern musical soundtrack [WMV]
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