Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's progress report

Well, yesterday's really...

Organized everything so far for the distribution CD.

Working on the assumption that any changes I get from Jo will be on the order of a few lines at a time rather than causing document-wide changes, I've done all the page links and bookmarks etc. in the PDF - at least a couple of hundred of them. If I do need to make changes I'll print out the relevant pages to PDF and edit them in, rather than starting from scratch, unless it's too major for that.

Thought about making a start on the other content of the full FF CD-ROM, but decided I need a bit of a break from HTML, so instead I've had a first preliminary play with some deck plans for Planets of Peril, the Weinbaum game. I'm thinking rockets. 1930s atomic rockets, of course, with pointy noses, vaguely Freudian bulges, wings, etc. Here's my first stab at the blunt end, just the engines themselves for now, eventually there will be pipes, fuel tanks, etc. It's all a bit tentative but I think they'll look OK - the height of this image is the width of a letter-format page, so each engine is about 10ft wide in the standard sort of figure scale. The whole ship will probably be the length of five pieces of letter paper, with a couple of big wings on separate pages, mostly one deck but two around the middle third.

Blurriness on the full-sized view is again down to jpeg comopression, they don't exist in the PDF.

I'll have to reread Weinbaum before I get into too much detail, of course, I need to put together everything he says about ship design and work out how it's all supposed to work. I know that the engines are atomic, fairly safe to handle, and fairly small, for example - the hero of one story salvages one from a crashed rocket and gives it to a Martian - I'm probably erring on the side of way too big, but it's a start.

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