Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

They don't write them like that any more...

Just came across these examples of the great William McGonagall's verse and couldn't resist sharing:
Sunlight Soap
You can use it with great pleasure and ease
Without wasting any elbow grease;
And when washing the most dirty clothes
The sweat won't be dripping off your nose
You can wash your clothes with little rubbing
And without scarcely any scrubbing;
And I tell you once again without any joke
There's no soap can surpass Sunlight Soap;
And believe me, charwomen one and all,
I remain yours truly, the Poet McGonagall.
Having been paid the princely sum of two guineas for this effort, he was inspired to further efforts
Gentlemen you have my best wishes, and I hope
That the poem I've written about Sunlight Soap
Will cause a demand for it in every clime
For I declare it to be superfine.
And I hope before long , without any joke,
You will require some more of my poems about Sunlight Soap.
And in conclusion, gentlemen, I thank ye-
William McGonagall, Poet, 48 Step Row, Dundee.
Unfortunately this effort was less successful, and they never used his poems again...

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