Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The Forgotten Futures Compendium

A few days ago I decided that before starting on the Weinbaum game I'm going to sort out an unfinished project - the Forgotten Futures Advertising Supplement idea, Victorian / Edwardian adverts and scenario ideas.

Because I'd only got six pages finished before I started on Tooth and Claw, and don't really want to delay too long before I start on the Weinbaum collection, I've decided to finish off the remaining pages I'd started and combine them with a couple of scenarios that I haven't previously been able to put to good use - my own The League of Extraordinary Geometers, a Forgotten Futures / Flatland crossover which I've run at a couple of Dragonmeets etc., and Alex Stewart's Curse of the Leopardmen, which he originally wrote for the unpublished Tsar Wars adventure book from Heliograph Inc. and offered me some time ago.

The collection will be published as a free download, which I'm probably going to call The Forgotten Futures Compendium

The state of this as of tonight is that Curse of the Leopardmen is ready, apart from me waiting to hear back from Alex re. some of the illustrations etc; the advertising thing is more or less finished at eight pages, though I will probably tweak it just a little more, and I've written about half of the Flatland crossover, which is coming along very nicely (I've had it in outline form for years, but it needs fleshing out properly). I'm hoping to have it on line before the end of the month if all goes well. Total length will probably be about 48 pages.
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