Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Love and Rockets

Just working on the OCR and HTML conversion of Weinbaum's The Red Peri, otherwise known as the long novelette where the spaceship and the space pirate queen love interest have the same blasted name, Red Peri. Except that the girl is Red Peri and the ship name is italicized as Red Peri. Just to add to the fun the italics aren't wonderfully obvious on the page, the book has a typeface that only slants them slightly. I just did a first pass through and (I hope) got them all right, but we shall see...

Anyway, here's the latest from the rocket factory - I'm not sure how well this fits in with the Weinbaumverse, it isn't much like the cigar-shaped and tetrahedral ships he describes, but I'll probably find something to do with it. I've shown it with two hull variations, unarmed (the main pictures) and armed (the forward lower hull with several blaster-type weapons, fixed and in a ball turret). Any blurriness etc. and loss of small detail is down to these being screen shots and jpeg files, and won't be in the final ship plans. The red line on the big plan is the page break - it's two letter-sized pages long. I think that the external engine nacelles need a bit more work but it's coming along well.

Tags: forgotten futures, rpg, stanley weinbaum

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