Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Forgotten Futures X on line, and The Forgotten Futures Companion

Apologies if you're seeing this more than once - I've also posted it to the ffutures_news Livejournal and Insanejournal accounts:

As of a few minutes ago Forgotten Futures X: The Tooth And Claw Role Playing Game is on line. Contents include complete rules for dragon adventurers, a detailed sourcebook for Jo Walton's World Fantasy Award-winning novel, and adventures. There are HTML and PDF versions, and bonus contents include three chapters of the unfinished sequel to Tooth and Claw, Those Who Favor Fire, a cutout paddle steamer, and character record forms in several formats.

There will be another Forgotten Futures release within the next few weeks. The Forgotten Futures Compendium is a collection of material that for one reason or another hasn't previously been included in one of the main game releases. It includes a Flatland RPG crossover, The League of Extraordinary Geometers and Alex Stewart's wonderful African adventure Curse of the Leopardmen, plus a collection of Victorian and Edwardian advertisements and adventure ideas.

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