Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Another BtVS / West Wing drabble

This is probably almost the last - no more than one or two to go, I think. Spoilers for Angel finale.

100-Word BtVS / West Wing Crossover Drabble. BtVS post S7, West Wing season 4, slightly AU, spoilers for Angel 5.22. All characters are the property of their respective creators, and are used without any intention of infringing copyright in the original works. This story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis. Sequel to Intervention, Last Rites, Security Problem, Pulling Strings, In Other News..., Fundraiser, Group Dynamics, Pardon, Conspiracy Theory and Displacement Activity. Please note that Security Problem has been rewritten slightly since it was originally posted.

by Marcus L. Rowland

"What happened last night?" asks Toby. "Dozens dead, Bruckner was just the first to hit the news, six blocks trashed, and LA's biggest law firm is a smoking hole in the ground."

"LSD in the water and masked street gangs with stolen military weapons," Leo says flatly.


"You want to try explaining it?"

"You know I can't... but they can, can't they?"

"Things went wrong," says Leo. "Communications failure, left their allies isolated when the crunch came."


"And they won anyway."

"They won?"

Leo nods, and leaves Toby staring at the TV and the smouldering rubble of victory.


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