Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Bulk email programs?

Once a year or so I need to send out an email to a large number of registered users, basically reminding them to update their snail mail address if it has changed, since I will be sending them a disk in a few weeks.

It's always been a pain to do because I don't have any sort of bulk mail program and don't want to use CC or BCC; CC gives the recipient a load of other email addresses, which breaks the data protection act, while a lot of spam trap software is set up to stop mail that's been sent to a BCC address.

Can anyone point me at a program (not a mailing list service, since that would also be against UK data protection law) that will take a list of say 500 email addresses and send the same message to each one as the sole recipient? Preferably one that won't trigger all sorts of spam trap alarms? Free or cheap would be nice too, since it'll be used once a year or less. I can use Windows or Mac OS-X 10.4


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