Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Home is the gamer...

Had a good time at Dragonmeet - a bit isolated down in the basement but I had plenty of players for both sessions. Some spectacularly silly action with flame pistols [warning - do not use in a confined space. e.g. anywhere anywhere less than 500 yards from the nearest obstacle since ground zero fireballs are a bit of a bummer] and the friendly but enigmatic Martians, which eventually resulted in one incinerated Martian... I'm now feeling a lot more in tune with the setting, which ought to help considerably.

Raised £18 for charity, most of it one £10 donation from an old friend. The spare planetarium raised another £8 in the auction, after which I went to Wagamama with James Wallis, John Wick and the latter's secretary (whose name I have inexcusably forgotten), only to find that about 30 other people from the con were also there. Had a fun meal, said hi to princeofcairo and others and failed my "sound vaguely coherent" rolls repeatedly since I am seriously low on sleep, and ended up home about ten minutes ago. A VERY good time, and the convention as a whole apparently raised a record sum of money for charity. Hoping I'll get to the Swindon Dragonmeet in April, it may be a bit of a pain since it's 80 miles from here, not two, but I think it ought to be a lot of fun.

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