Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Cracking good homage, Gromit!

I trust everyone noticed

The homage to the "Batman wants to get rid of a bomb" scene from the movie of the old TV series.

Shape of bomb - first place tried is full of baby ducks - second place tried is full of nuns. All that was missing was the salvation army band and the cute kids which ISTR were in locations 3-4 in the Batman film.

I'm proud to say that I'd already spotted it before the nuns appeared and was expecting them.

Meanwhile, the Dr. Who Special was adequate but not wonderful. I recorded it and will probably watch it again, because I saw it with family and there were a few distractions, but the plotting didn't seem to be anything really special, and a LOT of the acting was totally OTT. So it goes...

Icon by speakr2customrs for one of my stories, The Right Technology, a Buffy / W&G crossover.
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