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To Plasma or Not To Plasma,That is the Question...

About a year ago I guessed that the price of basic 40" plasma TVs was going to plummet some time this year. I was right - there are now two or three available at around £1600, and I expect that most of the ones at £2500 or so will be down to the £2000 mark by mid-summer, with the first sub £1000 sets in the January sales next year. This means that I can more or less afford a "cheap" plasma screen now, and next year may be able to afford a pretty good one.

Snag is that LCD is increasingly looking a better bet; you can buy a decent 30" set for £2500, and I expect to see them at around £1500 next year, maybe less, and the quality and resolution is generally much better, plus you don't get station ID logos burning in. By this time next year there may be affordable (for me) 40" panels.

I'm ruling out projection (expensive, noisy, huge power consumption and hideously expensive lamps), projection TVs (too big, and I couldn't place one where I want it over the fireplace), and bigger conventional TVs (see above). So the question is...

Should Marcus Spend Huge Amounts Of Money?

Yes, you want plasma now, go for it!
No, wait a while and see what happens.
No, be happy with your existing TV and give the money to charity
No, TV rots the brain, smash it and read a book.

All comments gratefully ignored (or not).

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