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More Fanfic - The Wedding of the Year - Dexter / ???

This is an idea that I somehow got from one of selenak's posts. I'm probably going to post it on Twisting the Hellmouth, with a challenge to add more guests to the list and incidents at the wedding.

100-word drabble...

All characters are the intellectual property of their respective creators and publishers; this story may not be sold or distributed on a profit-making basis. I've taken some liberties with timelines for the shows, with Dexter S3 ending before the crossover begins.

The Wedding of the Year
by Marcus L. Rowland

1: Guest List

"Who are all these people?" asked Dexter Morgan, staring at the list.

"Paul's family," said Rita. "His uncle and aunt and their children. They're the kids' closest kin on their father's side."

"Don't you think it might be a little awkward?"

"It's okay... they're nothing like Paul. Just a good hard-working Texas family, and they love Aster and Cody."

"Then we ought to get on well. What are they like?"

"The Bennets? Sandra's mostly a housewife, Lyle and Claire are adopted."

Dexter remembers his own adoption and asks "What about the father?"

"Noah? He runs a big paper company. Primatech."


Inspired, of course, by my belatedly realising that Rita's maiden name is Bennet.

Not exactly prose for the ages, but I think it might be a nice bit of fun if I can get the round robin to work.
Tags: dexter, drabble, fanfic

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