Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More nominations!

Some last-minute nominations:
Omphalos - Malana's "Aliens, Spaceships & Ray-Guns" moderator award

The Key to Byzantium - Best Stargate Crossover

Friends Help You Move... - Best Drabble

I've turned down another nomination for best drabble since I think that Friends Help You Move... is a stronger story.

So the line-up so far looks like this:
Best Portrayal of Angel/Angelus - Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter - BtVS / Highlander / Harry Potter

Best comedy, best Harry Potter - Dead Trouble - BtVS / Harry Potter

Best portrayal of Fred / Illyria, Best Stargate Crossover - The Key to Byzantium - BtVS / Stargate SG-1

Best Movie Crossover, Best Comedy, and Best of British Moderator Award - The Right Technology - BtVS / Wallace & Gromit

Non-BtVS Crossover - Nine Lives - Lois & Clark / Batman / Highlander

Best Portrayal of Dawn, Malana's "Aliens, Spaceships & Ray-Guns" moderator award - Omphalos - BtVS / Stargate DS9

Best Drabble - Friends Help You Move... - BtVS / Veronica Mars

That makes twelve nominations, fourteen if you count the ones I turned down. Probably won't be more since nominations are closed and that was presumably the last tranche of them. Now if I can just win a couple...

MANY thanks to all nominators!

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