Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

And the winners are...

Well me, for one. The COA results are in.

Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter has won the award for best portrayal of Angel/Angelus (and yes, they both appear). It won by a margin of 49 votes, which is pretty good.

The Key to Byzantium won for best portrayal of Fred / Illyria, which is odd because she's only in a couple of chapters. The statistics on that one are staggering - 207 votes, more than double its nearest rival.

Omphalos has won the moderator award for best SF. The citation for this one is very nice.

Which leaves me winning three awards from twelve nominations accepted. It's a little worrying that none of these are new stories, and I'm a little disappointed that The Right Technology and Dead Trouble were voted off the island in all categories, but such is life. I'll make another post when I've checked the statistics for my non-winners.

Many thanks to anyone who's voted for me, and congratulations to everyone else who has won awards, in particular curiouswombat for Return of the Key.

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