Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Statistics on my losing stories

Out of a morbid sense of curiosity:

  • Best Portrayal of Dawn - Omphalos 18 votes not placed, the winner got 188 votes.
  • Best Comedy - Dead Trouble 19 votes not placed, The Right Technology 27 not placed, there was almost a dead heat for the winner with four stories on 115-120 votes. I think I wouldn't have been in the top five even if all of the votes for Dead Trouble and The Right Technology had gone to a single story. More evidence that my sense of humour is VERY different from the average fanfic reader.
  • Best Harry Potter - Dead Trouble tied in 2nd place on 142, the winner got 227.
  • Best Stargate - The Key to Byzantium in 3rd place on 143, the winner got 195.
  • Best Movie Crossover - The Right Technology in 2nd place with 124, the winner got 146. Just a few more votes...
  • Best Non-BtVS crossover - Nine Lives in 5th place with 61 votes, the winner got 253
  • Best Drabble - Friends Help You Move in 2nd place with 115 votes, the winner got 121; another VERY close miss.
I'm disappointed that only a couple of the stories I nominated won awards; in some cases they were greatly superior to the winners, in my opinion.

There's an ongoing debate about the rules for the awards on the TTH forums - I'm trying to convince people that a "No Award" vote option would help to improve the quality of the winners. If you're interested and have a TTH account I'd suggest commenting.

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