Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Snow pics

Just the view from the front of my flat, not the cheeriest of landscapes right now. I've reduced the maximum size of the pictures a little to save bandwidth.

Just a general view across the road and railway towards the Westway, one of the main routes into central London. Usually at this time of the day things would be a LOT busier.

Earlier today there seemed to be about one train every fifteen minutes, compared to the forty or fifty an hour we normally get. Things seem to be a bit busier now, say one every three or four minutes, but the underground still isn't running. I think this is on the Heathrow route.

Here's what my bike currently looks like:

I suspect the battery will need to be charged before I can ride it again. And this last is the tree outside my kitchen window.

and here's the view out back. The first is the back garden (the frog pond is behind the bushes in the centre foreground), the other two are off to the left and right.


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