Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Fanfic - When It All Changes - Torchwood drabble

100-word Torchwood drabble, not a crossover for once. Torchwood belongs to the BBC etc., and there is no intent to infringe on copyright. This story may not be published on a profit-making basis.

It's an obvious question - so why does nobody ask it?

When It All Changes
By Marcus L. Rowland

"The twenty-first century's when it all changes," said Jack, sipping his beer.

"Within the next ninety-one years?" said Gwen.

"Ninety-two," said Rhys. "The century ends in December 2100."

"That's right," said Ianto. "Which bit are we talking about? Next Friday, or after we're dead and gone?"

"Given what Torchwood is like," Rhys said gloomily, "that could be next bloody Friday."

"If you really want to know..." said Jack.

"Yes?" said three voices in unison.

"I've forgotten. Never did pay much attention in school."

"You wanker!"

"I'll give you one historical fact," he added. "It's my round. Who wants another beer?"


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In other news the Dead Like Me film is about what I expected, about as much plot as a typical episode stretched into a longer time slot, but still good fun. And BSG was on top form, not flinching from an inevitable conclusion.


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