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Plot Cards for Fanfic Game

I've been working on the "plot cards" for the fanfic game - briefly, each will be a plot coupon that can be played to affect the course of the game, players will be given a few at the start of each scenario. So far I have forty ideas, ten cards per page, each will eventually consist of a name, a quote as an example, a description of what the effect is, and a note on when the card can be played and whether it is a one-shot effect or permanent. If anyone wants to suggest more I could possibly be persuaded to take it to 50 or 60 cards...

I've put in the full text of the first four, the rest will be written as time permits.

“Hah! A short burst of quasitron particles will soon disable their hyperdrive…”
No matter how dire the situation or minimal your resources, you have the technology to set things right, if you can come up with some convincing technobabble.
One use only

Real Family
“By defeating me you have proved yourself a worthy heir to my evil empire…”
Your character, or another character of your choice, is unknowingly related to one of the principal heroes or villains of the story; the GM decides who. Not always good news…
One use only

Woke Up in Vegas
“Who are you, and what the frack are you doing in my bedroom?”
Your character, or another of your choice, wakes to discover that he or she has married unexpectedly; the GM selects the spouse, the wedding cannot be annulled
Permanent effect once played

I thought everyone knew I studied nuclear physics before I became a vet…”
Something in your character’s past, never before mentioned, will provide exactly the skills, contacts, or circumstances needed to solve the current problem.
One Use Only

The others are:

Plot? What Plot??
Baby on the Doorstep
All a Dream
Here We Go Again
With One Bound…
Fade to Black
Like a Virgin
Separated At Birth
Essential Attribute
Unexpected Allies
Jump the Shark
Fame at Last
Stunt Double
RPF [real people fic]
Marriage Contract
Your Mission
Debt of Honour
Secret Base
Wedding Surprise
BFG [big fracking gun]
One Liner
Bad Science
Terms of the Will
Cute Kid
I Got Better
Exactly As I Planned
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