Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Ninja Monster Slayers in Spaaaace! plot summary

Here's the plot summary for the TV show I've invented for the fanfic RPG:

Once upon a time there were three ordinary college girls leading ordinary lives, who were unexpectedly abducted by aliens, brainwashed, trained as ninja assassins and programmed to help conquer humanity, escaped, stole a spaceship, and are now trying to find their way back to Earth, paying their way by slaying monsters on the worlds they visit. Along the way they’ve acquired a crew, several implausibly powerful weapons, numerous enemies, and a reputation for gratuitous violence. These are the Ninja Monster Slayers in Spaaaace!

Sound promising?

Also, I'm a bit puzzled as to how I'm going to word the "Slash" card without causing offence. The version I have so far doesn't feel quite right

“So, Captain, we meet at last… and I can confess my unnatural lust for you…”
An NPC of your choice is sexually attracted to a character of the same sex, and chooses to demonstrate his or her affections. The GM selects the object of affection.
R One use only

The R, of course, means that this may not be a good card to include if there are children present.

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