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With Friends Like This... [6] - Dr. Who / Roswell

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Martha Jones must have had a lot of help during the year that never happened, but some of her helpers must have had their own agendas. 100 word Doctor Who / Roswell Drabble. If you didn't see Part [5], it was posted as a comment to part 4. Follow the link above.

100-word Dr Who / Roswell crossover drabble, disclaimer below the story.

With Friends Like These... [6]
By Marcus L. Rowland

Sometimes Martha remembers dying. No protection is perfect, three Toclafane found her on a deserted road in New Mexico. She remembers dying... then waking, after an indefinite interval, alone, head pillowed on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt from a Roswell diner, replacements for her shredded clothes. Her Jeep was still burning.

Somehow she made it to the next town, told her story, and carried on.

Months later, she wonders if it was a hallucination. The desert heat can do strange things, and she doesn't have any scars. Her only proof is the silver handprint... and even that is fading.


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