Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

What were they thinking?

Passed Selfridges today, they had two of the new Sony netbook things in the window, the one that costs about £800.

The screen surface is incredibly reflective; it wasn't particularly sunny, but the display was virtually unreadable because of all the shiny. Not the best way to convince me to buy one!

And WTF were they thinking of putting the RH shift key where it is?

Oh well, I don't have the money anyway...

Another netbook I looked at is the little Toshiba which Morgans are selling refurbished for about 200 quid (linux) or 230 (windows XP). It's quite a nice computer in many respects, but the keyboard is appallingly cramped and the mouse pad is perhaps the worst I've ever seen. Another one I'll pass on, I think.

A 2nd hand eee PC 701 or similar is looking more and more like the optimum choice, for the limited things I want to do with a netbook, but I'd still prefer something that's physically a little smaller. Right now waiting is probably the best option.

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