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Marcus L. Rowland

Aaron Allston extremely ill

Should have posted this yesterday.

Games designer Alan Varney has posted this to an industry list:

Game designer and novelist Aaron Allston, author of many supplements
for Champions, D&D/AD&D, Car Wars, and other games, and of nearly two
dozen novels, suffered a serious heart attack this past Sunday, March
29th, while on a flight home to Round Rock, Texas, from a book
promotion in Phoenix. He had quadruple-bypass heart surgery at a
hospital in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday, April 2nd, and is now
recovering in intensive care. Aaron is 48. His friends have set up a
LiveJournal blog to provide updates on his recovery:

Via an announcement on

Aaron's family has set up a blood donation sponsorship. If anyone
in the Dallas area would like to donate blood, you can go to the
National Blood Exchange or Carter BloodCare (websites listed below).
Say that you are donating blood for Aaron Allston, patient of Carter
Blood Care in Bedford, TX, and give his sponsor number: SPON 047786.
You can donate anywhere in the Carter system throughout Texas, and
they will give you a coupon to mail and put towards Aaron's account.
Mail it to his publisher, and they'll get it to his family:

Aaron Allston
c/o Del Rey Books
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Aaron has no health insurance and is facing catastrophic medical
bills. Two of his publishers have kindly offered help in authorizing
or publishing one or more benefit books of Aaron's extensive
unpublished writings. I will post more here about these projects after
I gain access to his files later this week.

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