Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Eastercon - first panel

My first panel - From book to game explained, moderated by me - went reasonably well, with several different aspects of game-related fiction and fiction-related games covered in moderate detail. The star, of course, was Ian Watson, with his wonderful account of the suppression of his novel Space Marine - now worth up to eighty quid on eBay, folks - but everyone put on a pretty good show.

Also got to panels on alien biology (should be useful for the Weinbaum RPG) and 3D photography (one of my oldest interests), and saw a lot of old friends.

Tomorrow I'm not on any panels, just a lot of interesting ones to go to, and the Dr. Who special in the evening, on Sunday evening I'm moderating Couldn't I just waste him with my crossbow?, a light-hearted look at the disconnect between role playing and fictional narrative. Which reminds me to ask if anyone can give me a link to the Dork Tower strip about a Lord of the Rings Campaign and Igor's opening move - some of you will know which one I mean.

And Monday morning I'm hoping to run The League of Extraordinary Geometers, my Forgotten Futures / Flatland crossover, if I can get players signed up.

I originally thought I was on five panels, fortunately that doesn't seem to be happening. Two plus the game is quite enough.

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