Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Distribution disk

For the next release of Forgotten Futures I'm thinking of going over to 8cm (200mb) CDs for the distribution disk, which only holds 30mb or so; this is the disk that goes out to registered users containing the next game release and some extra background material, or is sold with most of the price going to charity. It's not the full Forgotten Futures CD, which needs a full-sized disk and ships in a hard case.

Pro is that the smaller disk is lighter, as is a plastic wallet for it, so postage will be less - this is a big factor in sales to the USA etc., doesn't make much difference in the UK.

Con is that the actual disks and sleeves are a litte more expensive than the usual size, and label stock seems to be unavailable, so what I'd be selling is unlabelled disks, with a paper insert in the sleeve, which will cost about as much to make as the usual size with labels.

So it won't be quite such a nice product visually, and it'll be on a weird little disk - see
for an image of the disks and sleeves.

There's no advantage in the UK, apart from slightly easier production since I won't be messing around with labels; the big advantage is a saving when I send disks overseas, which will cut costs a little when I send out the next release, then increasee the amount I can give to charity when it goes on sale as the next charity CD.

The question for the assembled multitudes - would you be happy if I sent you this instead of a full-sized disk with a paper label? Also, are there any known problems with 8cm disks?

No rush about this - I think we're talking August or later before I'll be ready to send disks - but all comments gratefully received.

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