Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Pushing Daisies, Heroes, and Dollhouse

I'm now up to date on all of these shows, and have various random thoughts, all of them spoilery.

First, does ANYONE think that the solution used at the end of Heroes is in any way a good idea? If there's another season I give it about ten minutes before Sylar is back.

Later And it belatedly occurs to me that Peter took Sylar's powers, so should have been able to shapeshift to take his place long enough to clear up the mess, then fake a death.

OTOH, it's nice to see the Nikki clone back in action. She really has some cool powers! Which Sylar will want, naturally.

Pushing Daisies came up with a perfect ending. I really would have liked to see more, but at least they dotted the i's and crossed the t's, didn't leave us with a horrible cliff-hanger, and left the obvious major problem unsolved so it'll still give them room to make more if there's ever another series or film. Hundreds of fans probably went "awww!" at the end, which is a nice change from throwing things at the screen...

Finally, I am delighted to say that I somehow remained spoiler free for Dollhouse and didn't see that one coming at all. Should have guessed but didn't. The question now is if we're finally seeing Echo's real personality, or something that has been carefully crafted to fit with Alpha's plans. Still a little squicked by it all, but looking forward to more.


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