Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Wireless settings - more details

Here's the full details of the settings etc. I'm trying to make work

The router is Kipling, using a 64-bit WEP key and open system authentication. Currently it's on channel 11.

On the Jornada's WiFi configuration screen it's shown correctly as an infrastructure wireless network, open and using a WEP key on channel 11. As far as I can tell I've got the ten-didgit key correct. There are two things I don't understand; there's an "index" setting from 1 to 4 next to the encryption key which doesn't seem to do anything, and below that there are two pull down menus - the one on the left is "optional" or "mandatory" and I'm assuming "mandatory" is correct, the one on the right reads "Automatic", "open network", or "shared key". I'm assuming that "Open Network" is correct given the router settings.

There are also some advanced options - country, set to United Kingdom, Fragmentation (set to 2346), RTS/CTS (at 2347), and preamble type (set to auto from auto / manual.)

On the control panel "Internet Options" screen there are only two opetions; "use autodial" (disabled) and "use proxy server"; if that's enabled it shows the server as http://{default}, port 80

where the brackets around default are the usual HTML brackets

Finally, the card's LAN settings are shown as "obtain an IP address via DHCP" (the alternative is "Specify an IP address" with appropriate fields) and some fields for specififying DNS and WINS if necessary.

As I said in the original post, everything seems to be working except that I get a message "A connection with the server could not be established." if I try to access anything.

Any suggestions?

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