Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Canal Priests of Mars

Just reading through the proof PDF of The Complete Canal Priests of Mars, the expanded (or rather uncut) version of my old Space 1889 adventure, which will be published by Heliograph Inc. real soon now - PDF around July 15th, print version at Gen Con, hopefully available from Amazon in mid-August.

The PDF will be $9.95, the print version recommended at $19.95 (say $13-$14 from Amazon).

So far I'm quite enjoying it - it's so long since I wrote it that I'd forgotten just how complicated and occasionally silly the full-length plot is! And it has all new art by Paul Daly which so far looks extremely good. Thus far remarkably few errors, which is always a plus - or me being a very poor proofreader, of course...

later Holy crap - just realised that this sucker was first printed nineteen years ago, possibly 20 - the copyright date is given as 1990 but I think it was actually available in 1989.
Tags: rpg, space 1889

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