Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

So farewell then, Fantasy Centre

Got home so tired last night that I didn't post.

Briefly, after several months of planning and preparation and a few days of hell we have my entire department packed up and emptied for refurbishment. We'll be spending the next month or so based in a classroom, then moving back into ten labs on two sites in September. In the course of getting things ready I've wrenched a shoulder and done something horrible to my foot; not quite sure how, but it's currently bloody painful to walk.

So when the movers had gone and we'd finished clearing I went over to Fantasy Centre, London's biggest and oldest second-hand SF bookshop, for their closing down party. I've been a customer through three different locations and about forty years, and will be very sorry to see them go. They're open for a last day today, with a lot of price reductions, but their lease ends in a few days and since both of the guys who run the place are near retirement age they've decided to fold. They'll be greatly missed.

Meanwhile my plans for today mostly involve sloth...

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