Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

It's Heeeeeere!!!

Only twenty years late... The complete Canal Priests of Mars is now available as a PDF from Heliograph Inc., print version to follow in July / August:

Can't do better than to post the blurb..
BASK! In the glory of London, hub of Empire!

TRAVEL! Aboard a luxurious ether liner!

MARVEL! At the wonders of Mars!

Our heroes help Martians accomplish a holy mission in London, then travel to Mars aboard the Princess Alexandra, the largest and most luxurious ether liner ever built! Throughout their journey they must face the hazards of London, the Ether, and Mars, compounded by mysterious enemies bent on stopping their Martian allies!

The original edition of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland’s manuscript to fit GDW’s adventure format.

The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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