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Since I seem to be skin-obsessed right now...

here are four more manips for TTH skins - anything to avoid getting on with work. Behind cuts since they're about 70k in all. They aren't on line as skin images at TTH yet, and I can't actually access TTH right now anyway, but ought to be there eventually if Jinni still wants them.

The Greek poem dream sequence meets the bathing sequence. Inevitable really...

Took ages to get right and still looks very slightly off - the white desert sand looks a little too misty somehow.

This is a job... nope, even International Rescue can't handle this one. Silly...

Willow, Babylon 5, and a Psi Corps badge. Need I say more?

LATER - About two minutes later - it now turns out that TTH's web hosting service have suddenly (e.g with no warning) pulled the plug on them for using "excessive bandwidth" despite them having been guaranteed an unlimited service when they took out the contract. Considering that it's predominantly text-based site for fan fiction that seems more than a little bizarre.

Anyone know a web hosting service, preferably US based, that offers unlimited bandwidth on a dedicated server and really means it?

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