Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Psst... got any spare centrifuges, guv?

We're trying to sort out our order for ridiculous quantities of lab equipment, and it looks like some parts will have to go. Most notably a centrifuge - we could use one, but not often enough to make buying one a priority at present.

So... anyone in the UK likely to be discarding one that meets minimal school safety standards (working interlocks and a full shield) and takes 15ml tubes? Or a microcentrifuge that takes 1.5ml and 2ml tubes - not ideal, but better than nothing?

If I was in the USA I would have no problems, there seem to be dozens on eBay.UK unfortunately sees a lot less, and they go for much higher prices.

I should add that we can make use of lots of other types of lab equipment too, within reason. A nice mass spectrometer (if not too big), some geiger counters, etc. etc. Can't actually afford to pay for it, but we could sure as hell use it.

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