Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Horizon: Life Story

For years my school has been using the 1987 BBC Horizon drama-documentary Life Story (Jeff Goldblum and Tim Piggott-Smith as Watson and Crick) for A-level biology lessons. The problem is that whoever originally recorded it onto tape (possibly me) had a really crap mono VCR, and by the time I transferred it to DVD the sound, already poor, was really dire, muffled and not very clear.

There's never been a British release on tape or DVD so far as I know - there was an American tape but it was apparently cut badly and gets a bit incoherent occasionally.

So... do any of my more scientifically-minded readers still have a recording of this that has decent sound? Alternatively, is there some simple way of taking the DVD copy and improving the sound? I don't think we have the tape any more and if we do it's locked away until September.

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