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Fanfic - Dr. Who / Lemony Snicket - With Friends Like These [9]

Martha Jones must have had a lot of help during the year that never happened, but some of her helpers must have had their own agendas...

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This is a crossover between Doctor Who and the Lemony Snicket novels. All characters belong to their respective creators, and there is no intent to infringe on copyright. This story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis.

With Friends Like These... [9]

Marcus L. Rowland

"It isn't that easy," said Violet Baudelaire. "The Toclafane threaten all life on Earth, but do appear to have eliminated Count Olaf and his accomplices."

"Possibly," said Klaus. "He's such a coward, he's probably just hiding."

"Hungry!" said Sunny.

"And we're likely to stay that way if things aren't fixed."

Sunny shrugged expressively, as Violet said, "That's a good point. All right, we'll try to believe in the Doctor."

And I am sure that their belief would have helped to turn the tide against the Master, had things gone differently. But that, alas, is a sorrowful story for another day...

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