Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The Rover Returns...

I discovered on Monday evening that Murphy, my female corn snake, was missing. Her vivarium is a converted cupboard, with glass sliding panels that move in tracks glued to the wood. The glue that held the lower track in place had come unstuck at one end, which meant that it could pivot just a little at the bottom, just enough to create a very small gap for her to get out. Must have taken a lot of strength, and it must have been a very tight fit, since the gap can't have been more than a quarter inch or so.

There wasn't much I could do apart from setting out a bowl of water and keeping the door of that room closed and hoping that she'd turn up - which she did tonight, in the flat below mine - in fact two floors below mine. Had a worried phone call about ten o'clock, they could see her hiding under their TV stand. I have no idea how she got down there, but apparently one of the cats had been acting strangely all day, so she'd been there a while. It's actually the second time an escapee has made it down there, so presumably there is some sort of direct route - probably where one of the central heating pipes goes through the floor or something. I shall have to investigate.

Anyway, it all seems to have ended well - I got her out fairly easily, and she appears to be unharmed by her adventure. I'll let her settle down tonight and feed her tomorrow.

And buy a potted plant or something for downstairs...

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