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This week's BtVS on BBC2

Another three episodes, two good and one superb. Won't say which is which. Watch out, there are MAJOR spoilers in the Radio Times!!! All are 6.45-7.30 PM on BBC2

Episode Title
Conversations With Dead People
Never Leave Me

Later: I suppose I should explain the snake icon I've used a couple of times. These are two of my corn snakes, Sam and Cornelia, curled up in a piece of irrigation pipe. Cornelia's head is to the left, Sam's to the right. This is my favourite snake picture - unfortunately Cornelia died in August, but Sam is still very much alive, my oldest snake and still I suppose my favourite. My web pages include more on the snakes - I haven't updated it since Cornelia died, suppose I should really. All Demon e-mail addresses for the snakes are obsolete - they were getting too much spam...

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