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The Devil Finds Work...

Five - count them - five more TTH pictures. Still trying to think of something for the letter Q, but I have the rest of the alphabet covered and I think every important canon character except Gunn, who I hope I'll sort eventually.

Anyway, these cover some of the letters I mentioned yesterday, and range from horror to SF

I'm VERY pleased with the way this one came out; Dru deciding that if Angelus doesn't want to play she'll help someone else end the world...

If anyone doesn't know the original picture, it's from the boxed set of The Omen.

Next, I know Riley isn't everyone's favourite character, but he was a natural for this crossover.

Had to get this guy in somehow, and this seemed the natural scene for him to interrupt.

A character who fights evil, lives underground, and has a mysterious past? And uses the initial V... Okay, this is a homage to Alan Moore's V for Vendetta, a comic you REALLY ought to read.

Finally, this is one of the stops Darla made on her last visit to Castle Dracula...


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