Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Ride em, fish boy.

Another manip, this is a hipp (Hippocampus Catamiti), one of Ganymede's animals, basically an amphibious horse named for the mythical sea horse of Earth. Not exactly a difficult manip, just a sea lion and horse's head, the only hard part was replacing the horse's skin, eye, etc. with something more aquatic and alien looking. May need a bit more work, not quite sure. It'll be about 1/3rd page width eventually.

Later And again there are cut and paste problems I can't see on my main PC's LCD screen but show up on other displays - really getting a bit annoyed about this, I'm obviously going to have to start sending everything to the iBook for checking, or invest in a better monitor. Any recommendations? Needs to be big (22" or better), doesn't necessarily need to be wide screen.

Hopefully this is a bit better

Tags: forgotten futures, rpg, stanley weinbaum

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